What BiH mostly imported in 2017?

Last year, BiH imported goods in the total value of 16.926.945.856 BAM, and the top 20 imported products include petroleum, cars, coal, medicines, electricity, machinery, textiles, food, wheat, meat and even bread and bakery products. Considering the fact that the export-import coverage in BiH was increased by 61.5 %, it is not difficult to see the deficit of trade exchange.

According to the data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH regarding exports, our country imported products that can be produced in it.

“On the list of the top 20 imported products are coal, sunflower oil, different food products, chocolate, wheat, beef meat, bread, pastry, beer, water, wooden furniture, tobacco and its products, several chemical and pharmaceutical products that are also represented in domestic production etc.,” as stated from the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

At the top of the list of most imported products in BiH in the year of 2017 are petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, and our country allocated a total of 878,537,978 BAM for their purchase. Personal cars and other motor vehicles are on the second place, and we imported them in the value of 659.235.596 BAM.

Until recently, BiH has been the only regional exporter of electricity, but since the last year, it is considered as a major importer of electricity. On the list of top 20 imported products in BiH in 2017, electricity is in the sixth place, and we imported the electricity in the amount of 280 million BAM. Due to the lack of electricity, BiH had to import coal as well, in the total amount of 426 million BAM.

Although in the last place on the list of top 20 imported productss, it is interesting that BiH spent almost 120 million BAM on the purchase of bread, pastry, cakes and similar bakery products.

Data also show that last year we imported almost 130 million BAM of wheat and sugar, 130 million BAM of beef, 196 million BAM of leather, around 140 million BAM of textile materials, 132 million BAM of chocolate and similar products, 140 million BAM of sunflower oil etc. In total, BiH imported 16.9 billion BAM worth goods.

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