B.P.O and ICT Outsourcing in Bosnia?

logoDid you know that Bosnia and Herzegovina can deliver 20 000 educated professionals who speak fluent German. Beside German, Bosnian job sites have a huge database of people who speak more than 2 foreign languages. English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Greek and Polish are just some languages which are quite easy to find, said to Sarajevo Times manager of ‘DDC Central Europe’ Company Adnan Mandžo.

What makes Business Process Outsourcing so interesting in Bosnia?

It is quite simple, data entry projects do not require a high level of education, and are easily trained in few days. However, most employees working on the data entry and B.P.O projects have high degree education.

DDC is the global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) specialist with 4800 employees. The DDC Group’s service offering is based on a hybrid onshore/offshore model. We offer clients the benefits of offshore cost savings and operational flexibility combined with the security and stability of onshore project management and document handling. Our principle office locations are in the USA, UK, NL, BiH and the Philippines.

You are probably asking yourself, what does make this country unique in this matter? Foreign languages are spoken in many other countries of the Balkans. Answer is simple: It is very suitable for ICT and especially Business Process Outsourcing.

We all know Bosnia cannot be compared with the countries in the region in regards to the ICT or B.P.O outsourcing. One of the main reasons is that both industries are not recognized as high potential by the Bosnian government, therefore the current educational system is not producing as high numbers of ICT professionals as for example Bulgaria or Poland. In all other ways Bosnia is definitely capable to provide high quality solutions, only on the smaller scale.

‘Think of the project, which requires bilingual or trilingual knowledge that goes together with high accuracy rate and West European quality, and then you might consider giving the companies in Bosnia a chance to prove their capability’, said Mandžo.

Beside Software development services which are currently widely provided by some very successful companies like DevLogic, Authority Partners, Comtrade, Lanaco, Personal etc., there are companies who provide the Business Process Outsourcing services. DDC Central Europe is one of them. All mentioned companies are long-term players on the international market and are managed by internationally educated professionals.

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