“Bajka o psiću” for the youngest audience in Banja Luka

Puppet show “Bajka o psiću” was performed for the first time today on the big stage of the Children Theater of RS.  In the hall of the Children Theater, the youngest audience enjoyed the funny and entertaining piece of the doyen of the Serbian puppet theater Živomir Joković, who was in charge for the text and direction of this piece.

“Bajka o psiću” is a theater piece written for young children. The acting cast that consists of Ćurđa Vukašinović, Đorće Janković and Zoran Šuman used their talent to make children laugh and enjoy this theater piece. Radoslav Graić is the composer of music for this theater piece.

The youngest fans of theater will have the opportunity to watch “Bajka o psiću”  in Devernta and  in Bosanki Brod, on 24th and 30th December.

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