Bajrovic: EU has never been an honest Option for us, I believe in the good Intentions of the US and UK

Reuf Bajrovic
, President of the American-European Initiative, was interviewed.

He stressed that the Parliament‘s conclusions from Thursday on increasing electricity, although they are popular among those who are employers and citizens, in one way violate the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the directives of the European Energy Community.

“BiH simply has no right to do such things. With thoseconclusions, we came directly into conflict with what are state regulations and what are the regulations of the European Energy Community. It is very clear that we as a member have no right to such measures. There will certainly be some kind of protest, there will be negative reactions from the European Energy Community, as well as the region. BiH is a country that has many advantages, one of which is that we produce much more electricity than we consume. This will certainly be a popular move within BiH, but I can’t be irresponsible to the public and say it’s wonderful. “

Valentin Inzko is a positive person in the history of BiH

“Even though he could have reacted much earlier, he eventually showed that he tried to do what was in his power. Inzko is, in my opinion, a positive person in the history of BiH. The thesis that his law on genocide denial is the cause of the current crisis is a complete lie. What we see today is that the European Union (EU) is still in a position of neutrality in public, and is secretly doing everything to help Dodik and Covic. Milanovic, Orban, Jansa, Eichhorst directly support Dodik, it’s no secret.”

I believe in the good intentions of the United States (U.S.) and the United Kingdom (UK)

We should build strong relations with the U.S., UK. I believe in their good intentions. And the German Greens are undeniably normal. They do not look at us from the perspective of the Middle Ages. And we should make alliances with them. There is no use from the EU for a long time, they have never been an honest option for us. “

The change of High Representative (HR) was completely unnecessary. I never heard Valentin Inzko say that he wanted to go. A circus was made of it, very consciously, for a man to come who acted as if he had come on a safari.

He does not take his job seriously, he does not want to do anything to sanction the people who violate Dayton, which is his obligation. I think that the plan was to weaken the position ofHR, to collapse that institution itself as much as possible. And unfortunately, they are on a way to success. “

He explained that the good news is that the economy in BiH is growing and that it could be significantly better than it is right now.

“The rule of law is a key issue in BiH.

Bajrovic told that according to what was signed in Dayton, the Western powers should sanction those who threaten that agreement.



Source: Federalna

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