Dzaferovic: It will take a lot of Perseverance and hard Work, but BiH will survive and develop

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Sefik Dzaferovic stated that 2021 was difficult, that BiH will face many challenges in the future, but that there is no dilemma when it comes to the willingness of people who love BiH to stand up for it and protect it, reports Anadolu Agency (AA).

In his New Year’s message, Dzaferovic wrote that “a difficult year is behind us, in which we faced a whole series of crises, starting with the migrant crisis, at the end of last and the beginning of this year, and then the pandemic, all the way to the ongoing political crisis.”

“The upcoming period will be full of challenges, but I have no dilemma when it comes to the readiness of people who love BiHto stand up for it. It will take a lot of perseverance, diligence,and hard work, but BiH will survive and develop, “ emphasizedDzaferovic.

Also, he added that “there is no stronger idea on this soil than a united and democratic BiH, a state of equal citizens and peoples, a state that is obliged to guarantee equal rights to every man in every inch of its territory.”

“The absolute obligation of the state is to improve the environment and ensure a society of equal opportunities, a society in which quality and excellence will be valued since that is the only way to build a future for new generations in BiH. I congratulate New Year, 2022, to all the citizens of BiH in the country and the diaspora, from the bottom of my heart with the wish for a lot of health, happiness, and success, ” concluded Dzaferovic.

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