Band ”Rok bulevar” in club ”Underground”

On 1 March at 10 p.m., in club ”Underground”, Belgrade band ”Rok bulevar” will have a concert, and they’ll play in Kakanj on 2 March.

Leader of the band Marko Vidojević said: ”We’re glad that we’ll finally perform in BiH, especially because groups from Sarajevo influenced our music identity. We hope that the audience of Sarajevo and Kakanj will like us, and we hope that this is the beginning of our tour in BiH.”

”Rok bulevar” is a group from Belgrade, founded by well educated musicians. They were influenced by Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Uriah Heep, Smak, Divlje Jagode, Bon Jovi, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Atomsko Skloniste, Beatles, Doors, Yu grupa, Džej and many others.

Their music can be defined as Hard Blues Folk & Roll, but in principle it is still rock’n’roll.

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