Banja Luka Mayor comments Removal of Church

The mayor of Banja Luka, Drasko Stanivukovic, commented on the removal of the illegallybuilt church from the yard of Fata Orlovic from Konjevic Polje, which was demolished two days ago after a long legal battle led by Orlovic. 

As Stanivukovic said, all institutions of the Republika Srpska are silent about the demolition of the church in Konjevic Polje, but according to him, Banja Luka will not. 

“The city of Banja Luka will financially, morally and in all other ways support the construction of the new church, and what encourages us is the fact that our believers, as well as certain Orthodox foundations, are already gathering around such an idea. Our job is to be strong support, which is the duty of the largest city in Republika Srpska, “Stanivukovic wrote on Facebook. 

He added that the shrines are not to be touched, but are to be preserved, restored andbuilt. 

“I can proudly say that in Banja Luka there is a place for all religious buildings, places of worship and for all believers. Banja Luka will renovate churches, cathedrals and mosques, and for those who are still without all documentation or resolved property relations, the City will be a support until the process of legalization, and even after that. about the things we have already started, which are of interest to the Catholic community. That is the message that Banja Luka is sending to the whole world “, concludes Stanivukovic.

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