Banja Luka on the List of the cheapest European Cities

The largest city of the RS – Banja Luka was included on the list of 26 European cities where it is possible to live with less than 690 EUR / 600 GBP / on a monthly basis, as reported by “Business Insider”.

According to them, it is possible to live in Banja Luka, which is on the 18th place of this list, with 627 EUR on a monthly basis, while you need 680 EUR to live in Sarajevo, which is on the 26th place.

The cheapest European city is Dnipro from Ukraine, which requires only 450 EUR on a monthly basis.

The aforementioned site noted that the cheapest cities for life are in Romania, a total of seven of them, five are in Ukraine, three in Russia, two in BiH, two in Bulgaria, one in Macedonia, one in Albania and one in Belarus.

During the preparation of the list, they took into consideration the following: economic situation, culture, and opportunities for employment.

They also stated that prices vary from region to region and that the monthly cost of 690 EUR are actually a third of costs of people who love in London, and half the cost of people who live in Manchester, Glasgow or Liverpool.

(Source: akta.ba)


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