“Bazaar of Goodwill” organized by the Association of Pomozi.ba

At the “Bazaar of Goodwill” organized by the Association of Pomozi.ba, money in the amount of 600 meals was collected for assistance to socially vulnerable people across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The organizers are satisfied with the responses of the citizens, and as mentioned by Maja Arslanagic from the Association Pomozi.ba, citizens could buy clothes, footwear, toys, souvenirs, household necessities, household appliances, at a reasonable price of 0.50 BAM.

“We have collected money for 600 meals that we will deliver to our customers, those who are in need, who are ill and cannot prepare food for themselves,” Arslanagic told Federal News Agency.

Arslanagic announced that the Bazar of Goodwill will be organized next month and expressed hope that more people will visit the bazaar, that visitors will be able to buy the products donated by the citizens and thus help the users of the Association whose number is more than 650.

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