Baždarević at a Charity Match in Željezno Polje 

57d04e42-b5d0-4562-9248-64140a0a0a64-humanitarna-utakmica4-previeworgA charity match between veterans of the FC Sarajevo and veterans of Željezno Polje was played yesterday in Željezno Polje, Žepče Municipality.

The match was attended by the coach of the national football team of BiH Mehmed Baždarević, who was welcomed by the youngest residents of Željezno Polje.

“This is a huge thing for me because, if I could, I would give everything I have just to give these people back everything they have lost. I am happy to see this many people here and if my arrival means something, I am also happy for that,” Baždarević said.

Baždarević added that precisely children are his motivation in life.

“When I attend events like this one, it is usually because of the children. whether there will be another Džeko among them or not, I do not know. What matters is that they are happy on the field and that is what motivates me in my life,” Baždarević added.

Prior to the match, Baždarević handed over football balls to the youngsters, and representatives of Željezno Polje presented him with a letter of thanks and an appropriate gift.


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