Baždarević and Džeko speak about the Match with Cyprus

edindzekomehmedbazdarevicpressconference_largeCoach of the national football team of BiH Mehmed Baždarević held a press conference yesterday at the stadium Bilino polje, on the occasion of today’s match against the national team of Cyprus within qualifications for the World Championship in Russia.

Baždarević said that after the match in Belgium they analyzed Cyprus because they had to turn to the next match as soon as possible.

“The most important thing is that we give our best because those three points are extremely important for us. We must think about what is waiting for us tomorrow and we said everything we had to say. There is no need to repeat how much desire and motivation is needed for this and if we are not capable of doing this, then there is no place for us in this whole thing,” Baždarević said.

Baždarević added that he believes in his boys and that they will delight the people who come to watch the match in Zenica today.

“We can justify everything except the desire and fighting spirit that was simply not on the level of the match in Belgium,” Baždarević added.

Captain of the BiH national team Edin Džeko commented on the match against Belgium, saying that everyone has failed and that they cannot be satisfied, given the ambitions they have.

“This is our fault and what we made on that field was not enough for anything. Now we are turning to another match. Since the beginning of qualifications we have always came back to that Cyprus which was fatal for us in the past qualifications and I am certain that we will not underestimate them this time,” Džeko said.

When asked if the players are psychologically ready for today’s match, Džeko said:

“I think the majority of these players play a match every three days and when you lose one match you must forget about it because you play another one in three days. I think Belgium was on a much higher level than we are. Any positive result would be a plus for us and now we have to do what is expected of us – get three points against Cyprus,” Džeko concluded.


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