BBI operated successfully in2012 and starting tomorrow, three new unique BBI cards

Bosna Bank International (BBI) operated successfully in 2012 with a records asset growth of 26.5%.

Preliminary results show that BBI is one of the fastest growing banks in BiH, and it is placed 9 out of 28 banks in BiH.

”The first indicators of business growth confirmed the growth of deposits by 39%, and  a steady increase in savings is a confirmation of the trust that citizens have in the institution of BBI”, said the director of the BBI Amer Bukvić

He noted that bank recorded the 32% growth of financing in 2012 compared to 2011, which means that the support for domestic economy has continued.

In 2012, BBI bank worked on bringing the investors in BiH and linking the BiH companies outside BiH, and this year it plans to intensify the activities on linking BiH companies with the companies from the region.

This bank is planning to open its 21 office, and according to Bukvić, it has big plans in 2013, when it plans to open several offices in RS.

On today’s press conference in Sarajevo, BBI bank announced 3 new unique cards, BBI purchasing card to pay in instalments, BBI prepaid card and BBI gift card for the donation, which will provide a range of benefits to citizens, and they will be in effect starting tomorrow.

BBI Purchase Card is a unique card in the domestic market that enables, regardless of the amount of purchase, to pay in instalments.

Owners of BBI purchasing cards will be able to pay in instalments up to 36 months, and clients whose payments to the card are greater than their outstanding obligations will have special offers in the form of 90 per cent discount on the profit margin.

Director of retail operations of BBI Muhamed Prlja said that the procedure for obtaining a card has been simplified and it can be used for an unlimited number of purchases within the approved limit.

In order to meet the needs of citizens for online paying, paying by credit card when travelling and shifting their teen’s allowance on the card, the BBI has developed a unique prepaid card.

”Internet shopping via prepaid card is safer because it is not tied to any single deposit account. It was created to help the parents who want to control the finances of their children. This card is very convenient for travelling because one does not have to carry cash”, said the CEO of BBI Emir Čehajić.

They said that Gift cards, is the ideal gift for holidays, weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and in situations where the people you want to give something to close people, but we’re not sure if we’ll make the right choice.

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