The Beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Photos and Words

europaBA_2014082210321386_bigThe photomonography “Come, see, tell more – Bosnia and Herzegovina – 30 unforgettable destinations” by Amel Salihbašić was presented yesterday at the EU Info Centre. In addition to the promotion of this book, a photography exhibition by Munever Salihovic depicting BiH’s natural beauty was opened. The book reviewer Tim Clancy, an expert in eco-tourism and the environment, presented some excerpts from the book.

Inspired by his many travels, Amel Salihbašić decided to take up photography. Fascinated by the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina and driven by a desire to reveal the brighter side of the country, Amel decided to publish this book.

“The book emerged out of a desire to present in the best possible light, through photographs, the natural and cultural diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is divided into thirty chapters. Two chapters are devoted to the cities of Mostar and Sarajevo. The remaining twenty eight are dedicated to other parts of the country,” said the author, Amel Salihbašić.

Munever Salihovic discovered a love for photography at a young age. Among his accomplishments he has captured images of the common man in everyday life, traditional Bosnian architecture, cultural – historical monuments, and especially the natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“With each new photo, I draw closer to my goal, that is, to leave a mark, to expose the invisible to as many people as possible and thereby to drive society towards positive change,” said the photographer, Munever Salihovic.

Tourism is one of the leading generators of economic growth and employment in the European Union and secures 1.8 million jobs.

“The EU supports tourism as a key competitive sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim is to realise the country’s potential in this area. BiH enjoys a unique potential for sustainable tourism development, and making the most of this will contribute to social prosperity as well,” said programme manager of the EU Delegation in BiH, Maja Dosenovic.

The exhibition will be open to the public at the EU Info Centre from 21st  August to 1st September, from Monday to Thursday 9:00 until 17:30 o’clock  and Friday from 9:00 until 16:30 pm.



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