Beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Water Mills on Vrbas River (video)


Krupa na Vrbasu (Krupa on the Vrbas) is a small town some 25km south of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH. Krupa lies in a valley between canyons of the Vrbas-river.

The Krupa itself is a small river which joins the Vrbas in the canyon. Krupa spreads itself out along the Krupa, and by the main road Jajce-Banja Luka.

The town is known for the “Krupa falls”, the waterfalls in the town. Indeed, the crystal clear waters racing down between the traditional watermill make a lovely sight. By the waterfalls, you can even buy freshly ground wheat, or eat some trout at the trout farms just below.

After the waterfalls, you can take a quick tour by the monastery – which is basically a church and a very new building where some priests live – a hike up to ‘Greben’, the old watchtowers, where you have a very scary and spectacular view over the Vrbas canyon and the town.

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