Belgian Fans paid Tribute to Victims of Srebrenica Genocide

The National football team of BiH yesterday played a qualifying match for the World Cup 2018 in Russia against the National team of Belgium at the Grbavica Stadium.

A group of Belgian fans yesterday arrived in BiH and decided to visit the Memorial Center in Potocari.

According to Azir Muminovic, the curator of the museum in the Memorial Center, fans watched about the Srebrenica genocide that took place in July 1995 on the Belgian television and decided to visit Potocari.

According to him, during their visit to the Memorial Center, they were interested in the details of the world’s largest world war crime after the World War II, the genocide in Srebrenica.

The genocide in Srebrenica took place between July 13 and 19, in 1995, and a total of 8,372 Bosniak men and women from the Srebrenica enclave were killed and slaughtered by soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska and the special Serbian paramilitary unit Scorpions.

The UN Security Council proclaimed the Srebrenica enclave as a protected zone in 1993, and it was occupied by Serb forces on July 11, 1995.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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