Berton: The Language of the Bosniak people is Bosnian, we urge the RS to acknowledge it

The Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, Bruce Berton, retreated that from the moment when the issue of language of Bosniak children appeared in the RS for the first time, the Mission warned that it is a case of discrimination.

“Our stand is more than clear from the very beginning – the language of the Bosniak people is Bosnian language. The Constitutional Court of BiH confirmed this by stating that the constituent peoples have the right to call their language in the way they want,” stated Berton.

“The mission urged the authorities of the RS to solve this issue as soon as possible by recognizing Bosnian language,” concluded Ambassador Berton.

Students of Bosniak nationality in the RS in school booklets have written the “language of the Bosniak people” instead of Bosnian language.

The struggle of their parents for their rights lasts for several years, and the latest example are Bosniak students who are not attending classes in the primary school “Sveti Sava” in Liplje near Zvornik.

Their parents are determined not to send their children to school until the issue of their mother tongue is resolved, i.e. until the school starts entering “Bosnian language” in the school booklets and not the “language of the Bosniak people”.

(Source: klix.ba)


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