The best Cheese in the Balkans is produced in Livno

Two medals for the first place won at the III and IV Balkan Cheese Festival in Belgrade two years in a row confirm the fact that the best cheese in the Balkans is produced in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dairy Orman managed to increase the number of their employees in two years and to attract young people from Sarajevo and other places in BiH to come to work and live in Livno.

It is also a dairy that has a maximum processing capacity of 2,000 liters of milk on a daily basis and it offers unique products in BiH – Livno hard cheese with peppers, lemon, and herbs.

“We have 20 different products. We have six different types of Livno hard cheese. We have a classic Livno cheese from which we have developed five new products since the last year. We included different flavors and technologies and that is how we invented Livno cheese with pepper. We also have Livno cheese with lemon and pepper, Livno cheese with herbs and we are very proud to develop a new product – Livno cheese selection. We are now in the process of developing a reserve cheese that is in ripening for at least 12 months. This will be one of our best products ever,” said Sead Causevic, production manager in Dairy Orman.

“We are definitely planning to expand our capacities by building a new production facility. Moreover, we are planning to hire about 20 to 25 people to cover the entire process of production,” stated Causevic.

Causevic is a young technologist who replaced the capital city of BiH, Sarajevo, with Livno, and not with Germany, Sweden or some other countries where young people from BiH and the Balkans are often going in recent years.

“Of course that I see my future in BiH. I came here as well since I am not from here. I came two and a half years ago, and I live here now. I am very satisfied. You can succeed in BiH. It takes a lot of hard work, good will, and effort but it can be achieved,” noted Causevic.


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