Bevanda and Reichel: Germany is the Main Supporter of B&H to the EU

Bevanda-ReichelThe Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Bevanda met today with the special representative of Germany for the Western Balkans and Turkey Ernst Reichel at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sarajevo.

The current political situation in B&H with special emphasis on the judgement Sejdić and Finci against B&H and the failure to adopt effective coordination mechanisms were the topics of the meeting.

Reichel stated that Germany follows with great attention all the events in B&H and encourages the European path and commitment to regional cooperation as one of the conditions for the stability and prosperity of the region. He stated that it is very important that all the people in B&H respect the existing constitution and B&H politicians must solve their problems independently. He stressed that when everyone in B&H orients towards it, then there will not be difficulties to achieve good results for B&H.

Bevanda thanked Germany for the support that it gives to B&H towards the EU and stated that B&H considers Germany as its main advocate to the EU. The German Ambassador in B&H Ulrike Maria Knotz attended this meeting.

(Source: Press Service of B&H Council of Ministers)

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