B&H Actor Miraj Grbic appeared in a Commercial broadcasted before the Super Bowl (Video)

combeThe 50th jubilee “Super Bowl” was held last night in the United States, the largest annual sporting event in the US, and the title of the NFL champion at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara went to Denver Broncos who played against the Carolina Panthers.

However, commercials during the breaks of the event did not go unnoticed as well.

B&H actor Miraj Grbic appeared in a commercial by the US company Priceline that was broadcasted just before the start of the most watched event in the United States, the finals of the Super Bowl.

In the commercial, Grbic is acting the adult ‘baby’ who was adopted by the American couple without seeing him before. As a reminder, the popular actor from Sarajevo lives in the United States for several years now, where he started teaching film acting at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife Marija Omaljev.

Take a look at the commercial which brought many to tears.


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