B&H Airlines: Regular Line Sarajevo-Belgrade Again

Bh_Airlines_The airline company ‘BH Airlines’ will establish a regular line again between Sarajevo and Belgrade, and negotiations about this are underway and precise information is expected soon.

The new flight will take place early morning departing from Sarajevo no later than 6:00, in order to allow passengers to transfer to a larger number of flights of ‘Air Serbia’.

Flights should start from the beginning of the winter flight schedule, the last weekend in October and would carry the label ‘BH Airlines’ and ‘Air Serbia’ according to the ‘kodšer’ agreement.

The second daily flight would be done by ‘Air Serbia’, and according to the available schedule it would be daily departing at 14:10 from Belgrade and 15:30 from Sarajevo, plane ATR 72-500, and would later increase in capacity with a larger airplane.

In the beginning, it is planned to have four morning flights a week between Sarajevo and Belgrade (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday), and from the summer season 2014 to increase the frequency of flights and to have daily departures.


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