B&H Armed Forces and EUFOR Joint Exercise “Joint Effort 14”

joint efforts 14B&H Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić, Chief of the Joint Staff of B&H Armed Forces Major General Anto Jeleč and the EUFOR Commander Major General Dieter Heidecker with associates will visit tomorrow units of B&H Armed Forces and EUFOR that are participating in the exercise “Joint Effort 14”.

B&H Armed Forces members and EUFOR are providing help to citizens in rehabilitation of areas hit by natural disaster – floods and landslides.

More than 750 members of B&H Armed Forces and about 450 member of EUFOR with the help of helicopters, a large number of engineering machines, trucks and other resources, during the exercise which will last until 20 June, are operating in implementation of projects that have been drafted by teams of civil -military cooperation of B&H Armed Forces and LOT teams of EUFOR in coordination with representatives of local communities.

The highest representatives of B&H Ministry of Defense, B&H Armed Forces and EUFOR, as well as representatives of local communities and Posavina Canton will visit tomorrow Orašje, Domaljevac and Šamac, announced the PR Office of B&H Ministry of Defense.

(Source: Fena)

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