BH Chefs will prepare 13,000 Pancakes and attempt to break Guinness World Record soon

The event, “International Sarajevo Tourism Festival” is an important gathering place for all participants in tourism, and therefore important marketing tool for the presentation of offers of tourist destinations and services.

The International Tourism and Catering Fair will take place on October 24thin Skenderija, and the main aim of this event is to affirm the local tourist offer and natural potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very interesting tourist destination thanks to its geographical position, exceptional natural beauty, cultural and historical heritage and favorable climate conditions,” he was stated in organizers’ statement.

At 40thSarajevo Tourism Festival, there will be presentations of foreign and domestic tourism offers, lectures, promotions, fashion shows, cultural and artistic programs.

The theme of this year’s fair is gastronomic tourism, and the Association of Chefs in BiH will organize numerous program content

“The aim of the fair is to bring together food professionals from both BiH, the Balkan region and Europe in order to exchange the experiences. Besides the national teams, foreign teams will have the opportunity to participate as well,” the statement reads.

Some of the interesting events at the fair is overthrowing the Guinness World Record in serving 13,000 Pancakes on October 26that Skenderija. The current record was achieved in Russia on February 25, 2017, when 12,716 pancakes were made.

The program of this fair event includes:
Gathering of all participants in the tourism industry in one place
Presentation of domestic and foreign tourism
Promotion of local tourism and natural resources
Promotion of domestic and foreign tour operators and travel companies
A range of domestic and foreign tourist capacities
Promotion health tourism
Promotion religious tourism
Promotion of rural tourism
Offering of the winter tourist centers in the country and the region
Offering vacation at the sea in country and region
A range of hotel and catering furniture, appliances, equipment and necessary facilities
Offer of gastro-food products and beverages

The main subject of this manifestation will be gastro-tourism. According with that we agreed partnership with Association of chefs in B&H and Association of bartenders ICE in Sarajevo to organize various programs:

• Guinness World Records in serving 13.000 pancakes
• International competition of chefs and confectioners
• International competition of bartenders
• Conference “Gastronomy and development of tourist destination”
• “Revival of the old menus” in one of Sarajevo’s hotel


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