BH Company produces Travel and Fashion Bags from Waste Leather

Although it has been known for a long time that waste is not trash but valuable raw material in cities of Western Europe and that sorting the waste leads to protection of the environment, the awareness of this topic is only at the beginning of its path in BiH.

Households and large companies in BiH are slowly turning to the importance of recycling and environmental protection, and thus their business and everyday life are changing in that direction.

One of the companies that directed its business operation towards respect and environmental protection is the Prevent Group, which produces travel and fashion bags designed for domestic market from their waste materials.

Selma Masnic, the manager for investments and environmental management of this company, stated on the conference “The Business Community and the Goals of Sustainable Development in BiH” that sustainable management of natural resources is the basis of any sustained growth and competitiveness of any company and thus theirs as well.

“Prevent uses natural resources efficiently through its processes and adds additional value to its products and competitiveness. Some of our processes received additional value through this and became some of the new production segments. Thus, now we produce travel bags from the waste of leather, which is part of the development of a completely new production process. The waste from individual processes with an added value and improvement became completely new products, more precisely the luxury travel bags. The important fact is that we managed to use the waste from our processes and give it a new function, partially reduce it and thus preserve the environment as much as possible,” noted Masnic.







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