BH Diaspora is Sponsor of Apartments in the Parent’s House

The best demonstration that children suffering from cancer are not alone and have not been forgotten is the project of sponsorship of apartments by the Association “Heart for Children with Cancer.”

Three apartments got their sponsors so far and their survival is ensured. The fact that this project went outside the borders of BiH shows how important it really is,” as announced by the Association “Heart for Children with Cancer.”

Citizens of BiH from all over Europe decided to unite under the name “Friends of Europe” and collected the money. They decided to be sponsors of another apartment in the “Parent’s House” for a year.

Besides this beautiful decision, the most important one is that they support children with cancer and their families. They decided to help them to save their second home, to preserve their happiness and joy, and to preserve smiles on their faces. They are very determined to erase all the boundaries that divide them, and to further strengthen all the links that are connecting them. In their eyes, the only right connection is offered hand, the embrace full of love, the look of happiness, the hope for a better tomorrow and support for a lifetime. The only thing they expect in return is an honest child’s smile, as noted from the association.

Citizens of BiH who are residing beyond the borders of BiH chose the apartment named “Sky” for their sponsorship and thus showed that sky is not the limit when it comes to helping children who are dealing with cancer. They prove with their gesture that under this blue sky, wherever they are, there are people of good hearts who are not only focused on themselves, but on the others as well, their thoughts are with those for who need a support, their deeds are intended for good purposes.

“Our good citizens of BiH from all over Europe made us very happy when they announced to sponsor the apartments. We are very happy that they showed that even children dealing with cancer have someone to rely on, someone to count on in a difficult situation,” stated Fikret Kubat, the director of the Association “Heart for Children with Cancer”.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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