B&H ice skaters Bašić and Omeragić traveled to Slovak Republic

Nihad Bašić and Tarik Omeragić, B&H representatives in speed skating have traveled to the Slovak Republic where they will attend the International Competition within the Danubia series. The competition will be held from the 20th till 23rd December.

From the Institute of Ice skating sports in B&H they expect that Tarik Omeragić will score enough points in order to perform at the junior European Cup in Italy. Omeragić already secured himself a place in the world junior championship that will be held in Poland, in February 2013.

Nikad Bašić will use this international competition as a good training session for the European senior championship in Sweden, that will be held in mid- January 2013. It is important to stress that this B&H representative in ice skating has already fulfilled all requirements for participation at the biggest European championship in speed skating.


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