Agreement for the improvement of business policies and foreign investment in BiH was signed

Agreement on cooperation between the Council of Ministers of BiH and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in the amount of 1.7 million KM was signed yesterday in Sarajevo by the regional manager of IFC projects for strengthening the business environment in Europe and Central Asia Lisa Kaestner and by Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic relations Mirko Šarović.

The agreement should result in strengthening competitiveness, private sector development, increasing the number of investments and simplifying the administrative procedures in the field of business.

We hope that after the completion of this project and bringing BiH legislation closer to EU legislation, BiH will become a country that will guarantee the security of investments to foreign investors, “said  Šarović after the signing of the Agreement.

Kaestner said that IFC has a lot of experience when it comes to working in harsh environments, such is BiH. She added that this Agreement shows that the Council of Ministers of BiH is ready to improve the business environment in BiH.

Ambassador of Sweden to BiH Bosse Hedberg pointed out that the Agreement will prepare BiH for EU membership.

Implementation of both projects is supported by SIDA and the European Council.

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