BH Informaticians won two Bronze Medals in Romania

Balkan Olympiad in Informatics for juniors and seniors was held in Romania (Timisoara) in the period from July 7 to 13, and BH representatives won two bronze medals.

Students Admir Zatega (Sarajevo), Haris Imamovic (Sarajevo), Alen Hodzic (Kljuc) and Marko Dimitric (Laktasi), who were led by teachers Melisa Zilic and Valentina Todorovic, made junior team which represented BiH on 12thBalkan Olympiad in Informatics for juniors. Furthermore, our country was represented by senior team that included Muamer Paric (Sarajevo), Dimitrije Glibic (Visegrad), Drago Smitran (Gradiska) and Dragan Raseta (Banja Luka), who were led by professors Adnan Salaka and Radovan Marjanovic. They represented our country at the 26thOlympiad in Informatics for Seniors.

A total of 13 countries with 87 competitors (35 juniors and 52 seniors) took part at this competition.

Competitors from BiH achieved great success this year at the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics BOI 2018. Fifteen years old Admin Zatega was hoping and he expected his fourth medal at international competitions in Informatics. At the end of second day of competition, he won bronze medal for BiH.

“All of our students showed great talent and skills and they were equal with their peers from all over the world with whom they said goodbyes as good friends. These medals and other recognitions for knowledge are result of hard work and talent of our students. Moreover, that is result of knowledge, effort and regular activities of members of BHOI, who besides regular annual national competitions also organize different additional trainings, educations and preparations for competitors, online competitions as well as week camps for the best. BHOI continues with its work and plans preparations and participation on European Junior Olympiad in Informatics at the end of July in Innopolis (Russia)”, stated Gavranovic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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