BH Innovators won two Medals: Eye Computer Management and Biological Filter

BH Innovators at Arca 2015 unizg.hrYoung members of the Innovators’ Association of Bihac, in duels – Enver Bakija with Hasan Grosic and Iman Karajic with Dzana Kuremagic – won silver and bronze medal at the 13th International Innovations Exhibition “Arca” in Zagreb, which ended yesterday.

The young men presented the innovation “Eye computer management”, and the girls “Biological filter for water filtration”. All four of them were the students of the Una-Sana College in Bihac until past June. At this college, not as in many high schools in B&H, the students are directed to research and development activities by the program.

Members of the Innovators’ Association “Herpatent” from Posusje, Branko and Ivan Milicevic, achieved an above-average good result: each of them presented two innovations and each won one golden and one silver medal. Branko won gold for “Work footwear with the possibility of raising and lowering” and bronze for “Universal manual hydraulic pliers”, while Ivan won gold for a “Permanent basis for honeycomb” and bronze for “Hoeing device”.

A university professor from Tuzla, doctor of chemical sciences Zehrudin Osmanovic, also won golden medal for the innovation “The conversion of chemical waste to cement”.

(Source: klix.ba)

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