Jerlagic: Today we decide whether we are staying in Coalition in FB&H

Jerlagic About Coalition nap.baPresident of the Party for B&H (SBiH) Adnan Jerlagic said that the session of the Presidency of SBiH is scheduled for today, at which the party bodies will decide whether this party will be a part of coalition in the FB&H.

“Session of the Presidency of SBiH is scheduled for today at 5 p.m. It will be decided at the session whether we will be a part of parliamentary majority or not”, Jerlagic said.

As a reminder, according to previous negotiations the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) is to get all ministries that are or were headed by the ministers from the Democratic Front (DF).

In the Government of FB&H, DF had a Deputy President and the Minister of Trade Aleksandar Remetic, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Milan Mandilovic, the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Reuf Bajrovic, and the Minister of Environment and Tourism Snjezana Soldat.

President of the FB&H Marinko Cavara accepted the resignations of Reuf Bajrovic and Snjezana Soldat.

At the recently held meeting with the President of SBiH, the Vice-President of SDA Bakir Izetbegovic proposed that SBiH takes over the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, currently headed by Amir Zukic (SDA).

Over a year after the general elections in B&H were held, the government in the entity of FB&H has not been formed yet and it is even questionable who is in position and who is the opposition in the entity government bodies.

(Source: klix.ba)

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