B&H Is Attractive for Tourists from the Gulf

sarajevo (1)There are more tourists from Gulf countries who decide to visit B&H from, and the majority comes from Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

According to data from tourist agencies in Canton Sarajevo, the number of tourists from the Gulf States has increased significantly this year compared to the previous year, in a report by Al Jazeera journalist Harun Karčić.

Even though the tourist season has ended, there are still tourists from the Gulf staying in hotels. Hotels are making exerted efforts to accommodate these tourists.

According to data from the Cantonal Tourist Agency, the number of tourists from the United Arab Emirates increased by more than 300 percent. Tourists from Qatar increased by more than 600 percent, and from Bahrain by 1.300 percent.

Thus, a number of B&H tourist agencies continue to work on attracting tourists from the Gulf.

‘’They asked to us create package specifically for clients, which means that we create special packages for everyone. Most people are interested in shopping, they like nature, mountains and rivers’’, said Ada Hukelić, an employee at a tourist agency.

Even though B&H lacks luxury hotels, private investors are taking steps in that direction. In the center of Sarajevo, dozens of one and two-room apartments are being built according to the standards and requests from tourists from the Gulf.

(Source: Al Jazeera)

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