B&H Lottery will Pay 4.59 Million KM to the Budget of FB&H

lottery-ballsThe Federal Government yesterday adopted the report on the operations with the Lottery of Bosnia and Herzegovina (LB&H) for the year 2012.

It is concluded that B&H Lottery within 30 days from the day of report adoption shall pay the difference of the final calculations for 2012 in the amount of 647. 439. 28 KM.

The total turnover of LB&H for 2012 is 57.393.966 KM, while total income was 34.524.778 KM and total expenditures were 30.395.188 KM. Thus, has been achieved a positive result in the amount of 4. 29.590 KM.

During year to the Federal Government, as the owner of LB&H, is being paid weekly part of the turnovers, meaning the profit belonging to the owner and related incomes from the taxes. On these basis during 2012 in the budget of the Federation of B&H was paid 3.900.501KM and 188.779 KM income from taxes, so in FB&H budget until 31.12.2012 is allocated 4.089.280 KM.



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