B&H on the List of the Cheapest and the Most Beautiful to Travel


To find cheap accommodation in the destination of your dreams can be almost as exciting as your trip itself. In order to help you send your hard-earned money to the right place, or at convenient destination for your wallet, we bring you a list of the cheapest trips.

B&H is on the 5th place on the list of the cheapest and most beautiful destinations that everyone should visit.

The list includes following destinations: Estonia, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam, East Africa, New Mexico, B&H, Galicia in Spain, Quebec in Canada, Costa Rica on Caribbean Coast, Timor-Leste and Western Australia

Cheap accommodation, food and transportation combined with a visits to historic cities Sarajevo and Mostar, then affordable adrenaline adventures, from rafting on Una River to skiing, everything is offered to tourists. Considering all of this, B&H is great destination for those with shallow pocket, but also for those who wish to visit not so frequent parts of Europe.



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