BH Pošta will ensure regular Payment of Pensions with its own Money in 2016

BH Pošta Pensions nap.baThe Minister of Civil Affairs of B&H Adil Osmanović visited BH Pošta (BH Post) and talked with the Director General Mirsad Mujić about business, situation and aims of this enterprise in the coming period.

Upon the end of the visit, Mujić stated that in 2016 as well BH Pošta will put its means at disposal so that the pensioners who remained trustful towards BH Pošta regarding the receiving of earned pensions would not wait for the postman to bring their pensions on their doors for a long time.

“In this way, pensions will be regular regardless of the tempo of payment of funds from the Federal Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance,” Mujić said.

Mujić highlighted that, as a socially responsible company, they are very sensitive to retirees as one of the endangered categories of B&H society.

“That is precisely why we are making efforts to deliver pensions as soon as possible although, according to valid legislation, our obligation is to deliver pensions within 15 days since the day of transfer of funds for the payment of pensions to our account. With that aim, we are putting the funds of BH Pošta at disposal as well,” Mujić said.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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