Prevent BH entering 2016 with 5,200 Employees!

Prevent BH vipromo.baIn 2016, the Prevent Group celebrates 17 years of operating in B&H- on this occasion, Administration of Prevent summarized the previous year and announced new projects for 2016.

Through the past period, the group has been continuously investing in development of new ideas, expansion of the market, and it has been led by the vision of leadership as the key factor of success. There are over 5,000 reasons for such success – since that is the number of employees of the business system within the Prevent Group.

“Precisely thanks to responsible approach of all those included in business processes, we maintained the position of leading exporter and the most desirable employer, and we have managed to enter the list of Top 400 companies in the Central Europe. Nowadays, Prevent Group is the leading private company in B&H, synonym for export from B&H, for automobile industry, leather and textile production, and corporate social responsibility,” the Group stated.

For the first time ever, Prevent Group enters the new year with over 5,200 employees at eleven locations in B&H. As such, the Group intends to continue with diversification of industries, products and markets and with playing the main role in economy and export of B&H, and the broader region as well.

(Source: photo vipromo)

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