The Ministry paid Debt to the Man who has been illegally using the House of Granny Muniza

160106101.7_mnDuring the visit to Goražde and Novo Goražde, the Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons of FB&H Edin Ramić with other officials and the Mufti of Goražde Remzija ef. Pitić talked about projects which could be realized in this year.

A great encouragement for the returnees is certainly the ministry’s support for numerous projects, from the reconstruction of residential facilities to resolution of issues which they encounter every day.

One of examples is the case of 70-year-old Muniza Oprašić, returnee in Okrugla near Višegrad. As a reminder, Muniza had to pay thousands of convertible marks in the name of reimbursement for investments in the house to the one Milan Jokić, the man who has been illegally using her house and land for years. Regardless of how absurd the justice sounds, trial verdicts are clear – Muniza Oprašić must pay 9,500 BAM to the Jokić family, and with penalty interests and court costs, the amount increased to 21,000 BAM. The agony of Muniza, which has been going on since 2003, was terminated by the Minister Edin Ramić.

“The Ministry will co-finance the costs of trial procedure, pay the reimbursement so that one granny could live peacefully in the place where she returned,” Ramić said.

With representatives of the Government and Assembly of the Bosna-Podrinje Canton Goražde, Minister Ramić also discussed other projects significant for this area.

“We will continue providing support to residential and utility infrastructure, and we also talked about the Ministry co-financing the project of road which will significantly shorten the distance between Goražde and Sarajevo,” Ramić said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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