How much Money will BiH get from the former USSR and Yugoslavia?

dollarMinister of Finance and Treasury of BiH Vjekoslav Bevanda and Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Storchak signed an agreement on regulating obligations of the former USSR and Yugoslavia. The agreement was signed in Moscow and states that Russia will clear the debt towards BiH and pay around 125 million US dollars.

The debt represents the difference in cash as a result of the foreign trade relations between the two countries that have foreign exchange restrictions. The debt that Russia is to pay to BiH was created in the time of the existence of Yugoslavia, and all obligation to pay debts after the collapse of the Soviet Union was taken over by Russia.

When speaking about the percentages of total-sharing, it is stated that Federation BiH will get 58 percent, Republika Srpska 29 percent and Brcko District to get 3 percent.

(Source: akta)

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