BH Producers preparing for Export of Cheese to the EU

BH producers of milk and dairy were in a working visit to Slovenia where they visited several farms and production facilities with the aim to learn more about new practices and to exchange their experiences.

The topic of the visit was also the issue of ensuring hygiene standards in the process of production, opening doors for export and standardization, and guests also visited farms Levart and Roskar, as well as the fair “Agra”.

BH producers had the opportunity to learn more about the tourism potential of agriculture, as well as the use of EU funds. These are challenges that are yet to be faced with, and this visit enabled good cooperation, innovative solutions and enrichment of their own offer in the production and processing in BiH.

This visit gathered producers from the area of Gradiska and it represents a continuation of the work on organization of study visits that are contributing and supporting local communities with the aim to provide easier integration and recognize the challenges of opening of the EU market for dairy products from BiH.

According to the most recent official data, BiH imports 11 times more cheese than it exports, and the information that we imported more than 7 million BAM of cheese last year is especially unbelievable.

This kind of visits open new opportunities for producers of cheese from BiH to ensure a better position both in domestic and foreign markets by introducing new technologies, as announced from USAID / Sweden FARMA II Project.






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