B&H representatives in Beijing: Tuka and Alić are counting the Hours until the World Cup

tukaAmel Tuka and Hamza Alić, B&H representatives at the World Championship in Athletics which starts today in Beijing, will participate in the qualifications for the final part of the biggest festival of the athletes in the world.

B&H athletes Amel Tuka and Hamza Alić completed their last preparations before the qualifying performance, and they are counting down until the opening hours of the great competition in Beijing.

Hamza Alić will be the only representative in the shot put in this competition, after the second B&H representative in this discipline, Kemal Mešić, canceled his performance due to the injury. In an interview, Alić emphasized that the preparations went very well and that he is looking forward to Sunday when the qualifications and the final competition in his discipline will take place.

“I am very satisfied with the conditions that we have here in Beijing, and the preparations for this competition were carried out already in Zenica. When it comes to the other competitors, favorites are a lot ahead of me, but there is no giving up in this sport. There are always surprises, and nothing can be excluded,” said Alić.

B&H diamond on the 800 meters, Amel Tuka, should have his first race early in the morning, at 5.50 a.m. CET. He will run in the group that is not a big problem for him, according to the results of his opponents, and in an interview he said that he is fully prepared for the competition.

Air quality in Beijing is very bad, which will be a problem for the most of the athletes. Tuka said that he is still getting used to their climate, but he is not worrying too much about these things.

“I’m still getting used to the new climate, since there is great humidity here and it’s a little bit hard to breathe, but we will see how it will all look tomorrow. The conditions are the same for all of us and we will all run at the same weather,” said Amel, adding that he already completed his main training in Zenica.




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