B&H: Tax on Villas, Luxury Cars and Fallow Land

delegates of the parliamentary assembly of B&HWith the aim of improving the employment rate and increasing the number of insured workers, decreasing the unregistered work and the black economy, taxes on villas are being introduced, and in its mandate the Federal Government intends to decrease the rate of social contributions on labor, which are the highest in Europe.

How, according to their analysis contained in the document entitled “Proposals for relieving the economy in the FB&H”, the reduction of social allocations of contributions automatically leads to decreased public revenues, the Government has made a proposal of measures that would reduce that loss. As one of the first measures mentioned are savings in the public sector, budgetary and non-budgetary expenditure, which is difficult to expect due to enormous administrative apparatus, Depo reported.

It is absolutely certain that, if it comes to a decrease in contributions on labor, the Government of the FB&H will resort to the measures which they state in their projections, such as the introduction of tax on real estate, residential facilities larger than 25 square meters per family, weekend houses… It is also planned to introduce a tax on transactions of financial institutions – banks, stock exchanges, investment funds, insurance companies. Also considered is the possibility of introducing tax on car registration services by introducing a special tax on luxury cars (according to cubic capacity), as well as the introduction of tax on telecommunications services of using mobile network, the introduction of tax on winnings from lottery, the introduction of tax on uncultivated agricultural land, on unused entrepreneurial real estate, on undeveloped construction land, and the introduction of tax on pollution, reported the portal of Vecernji list BiH.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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