BH Train to drive from Sarajevo to Capljina soon?

talgo8Fast passenger train Sarajevo-Capljina-Sarajevo, with departure at 4:26 PM from Sarajevo to Capljina, and local passenger train Sarajevo-Konjic-Sarajevo, with departure at 3:49 PM from Sarajevo to Konjic, will again be in the regular traffic of the Railways of FBiH from June 8.

Regular fast train from Capljina will depart every morning at 05:52 AM, and it will arrive in Sarajevo at 08:32 AM. Departure from Sarajevo to Capljina will be at 4:26 PM, and it will arrive in Capljina at 7 PM.

Local train from Konjic will depart every morning at 05:19 AM, and it will arrive in Sarajevo at 06:42 AM, while a departure from Sarajevo to Konjic will be at 3:49 PM. The train will arrive in Konjic at 5:12 PM.

Seasonal train on the route Sarajevo-Capljina-Sarajevo, with a link to Neum and Makarska, will start driving from June 15 to August 31, this year. It will depart from Sarajevo every morning at 07:01 AM, and it will arrive in Capljina at 09:35 AM. The train will depart from Capljina every day at 7:25 pm, and it will arrive in Sarajevo at 9:59 PM.

Buses will be waiting for passengers at the train station Capljina that can take them to Neum and Makarska. Return bus to Neum is working on a daily basis, while the bus line to Makarska is going only from Capljina.

Trains that are connecting Sarajevo and Capljina, with stops in Konjic and Mostar, will provide superior comfort offered by Talgo trains to their passengers. Reservation for all destinations, including Neum and Makarska, as well as tickets, can be purchased at all retail places of the Railways of FBiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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