B&H Union of Farmers Will Hold Meeting in Sarajevo Today

poljoprivredaThe B&H Farmers Union will hold a meeting today at 13:00 on its premises in Skenderija in Sarajevo. The meeting is a reaction to the recent events in the agricultural and rural development sector, announced the B&H Farmers Union and B&H Green Council.

They said that due to the failure of authorities to agree on establishing the necessary structures for the withdrawal of EU funds in the agricultural and rural sector, the EU cancelled two large and important projects for B&H.

‘’The negligence of government and the inability of farmers in B&H to export to Croatia after its EU accession on 1 July of this year urged farmers from both entities to unite for the first time and to stop to be solely an electorate that could be manipulated and to exert pressure on B&H authorities to treat the agricultural and rural sector as a strategic area of development in B&H’’, said in an official statement.


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