BiH Actors about Ljubisa Samardzic: Great Man and Friend of Sarajevo

Ljubisa Samardzic forever left the stage of life, taking with him his unparalleled charm, recognizable voice, and acting skills. The ordinary man who is in love with his works will miss him, as well as other actors and directors with whom he worked.

Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, a Bosnian actor, in a discussion with remembered Ljubisa’s character and topics about which they could always talk about.

“I’m very sad. He left an inerasable mark on European cinemas, not only ex-Yugoslav. He was a good friend, we played and worked together. The last time I saw him was two years at the festival in Pula. We spoke then and shared frustrations, considering that less and less money is being given for the cinemas. He was a man who played a lot of roles. If I had to choose his best work, it was Crni Roka in the series “Where wild pigs go.” That was his best role,” Hadzihafizbegovic said.

He also noted Samardzic’s role in comedia, in “Hot Wind” where he played Surda and the “Battle on the Neretva,” which is one of the best European films for Hadzihafizbegovic.

“He was a great man, moral, ethical and clean, with an opinion that wasn’t xenophobic in the 90s. It was a privilege to be near him. He loved Sarajevo and BiH and he left a mark on our cinemas, since he was in at least 20 films,” he said.

“He encountered various trials, such as when he lost his son about 10 years ago. I’ll remember him as a gentleman and a knight, both acting-wise and human-wise. His death isn’t a loss just for our cinemas, but also for the general cultural life in our region,” concluded Hadzihafizbegovic.

Actor Mirvad Kuric, who worked closely with Samardic in creating the domestic series “Visa for the Future”, says that we all lost a good friend.

“Last night, certain scenes were coming to my head, but now I don’t have words for those things. We knew each other well, we worked together well. It’s regrettable that he didn’t beat cancer. When we just started working together, it was a challenge for a young actor like me and I had stage fight. However, great people and actors give you courage and he did more for you than for himself in the scene. He loved to help because he was great. It was terrific working with him and I learned a lot from him,” Kuric said.


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