The BiH Alpinists Jusko, Cvitanušić and Lipović have achieved the Highest peak of South America

Alpinista (source Klix)The BiH climbers Tomislav Cvitanušić, Ismir Jusko Švabo and Ermin Lipović have reached the highest peak of the South America, Aconcagua in the Andes.

After 10 hours of climbing on rough terrain, accompanied by bad weather, the temperatures up to – 22 degrees, winds and blizzard, BiH alpinists have met their goal and put the BiH flag at almost 7000 meters above the sea level.

“Thanks to all for the support, it meant a lot to us because this climbing was very hard physically, but first of all it is a remarkable mental challenge. We returned in our base camp Plaza de Mulas half an hour ago and in the morning additional 33 kilometers of walking to the entrance to the National Park Horcones is waiting for us” said Cvitanusic.

The trio from BiH in this life march started on 28th January and they should go back in Sarajevo on 23rd February.

(Source: Klix)

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