BiH and Republic of North Macedonia established a Proposal for an Economic Cooperation

Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has established a proposal for an Economic Co-operation Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of North Macedonia, which strengthens bilateral ties.

By concluding the agreement, the two countries want to strengthen economic ties and create opportunities for better co-operation of economic entities and joint access to third markets.

Intensification of economic cooperation should ultimately contribute to the growth of national economies and increase of trade between the two countries.

To achieve these goals, various activities have been defined on strengthening cooperation between governmental and non-governmental institutions and contacts between businessmen and their participation in international exhibitions and fairs, establishing joint ventures, intensifying international cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

The proposal of the agreement with the negotiation report will be submitted to the BiH Presidency, while the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations is proposed for BiH signatories.

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