BiH Defense Minister ordered Initiation of Proceedings against Members of Armed Forces who attended Celebration of RS Day

The Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sifet Podzic, ordered the initiation of proceedings against his deputy Mirko Okolic and five members of the Armed Forces (AF) of BiH, who attended the celebration of Republika Srpska Day, which the BiH Constitutional Court twice declared unconstitutional.

Podzic said that he initiated the proceedings on the basis of reports from the Ethics Line of that ministry and on the basis of recordings from the mark.

“I ordered the initiation of proceedings against Major General Gojko Knezevic, Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff of the AFBiH for Resources, Major General Radovan Ilic, Commander of the Operational Command, Brigadier Radovan Jovic, 6th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier Milorad Krajsumovic, Commander of the Third Infantry (RS) Regiment Zoran Dujomvic, Deputy Commander of the AFBiH Operations Support Command, “the minister said.

He added that he had initiated proceedings against Okolic, because he had not complied with the obligations of the BiH Constitutional Court, contrary to the article of the BiH Criminal Code.

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