BiH Diaspora will show its culture during the festival ”Baščaršijske noći”

Festival ”Baščaršijske noći” which is being held from 1 to 31 July will be enriched with performances by BiH Diaspora.

Their participation at this festival was agreed upon yesterday by Minister of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton Ivica Šarić and members of World BiH Diaspora Alliance – organisation which represents BiH Diaspora.

Šarić said: ”We’ve made that one day of the Festival will be dedicated to presentation of culture of BiH Diaspora, since that’s the wish of BiH citizens who want to show that they still cherish their culture and BiH identity.”

They noted that at XVIII festival ”Baščaršijske noći”, BiH Diaspora will present itself with music, film, dance and folk dance performances as well as with art exhibitions and with writing exhibitions.

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