”” Continues Market Expansion

The most successful online coupon portal in BiH “” is continuing to expand into the market by taking over the Tuzla-based “”.

“” says that the acquisition of the Tuzla portal was decided after conducting a thorough analysis.

“Immediately after the takeover we started the integration and creation of a new, advanced system that could serve tens of thousands of new users”, said the founder of “” Harun Ališah.

“Tiket” is one of the first local portals for coupons. Until now its activities primarily focused on the broader area of Tuzla. After that, they recognized the vast potential with “”, and decided to integrate and strengthen their joint positions that expands beyond the BiH market.

“Tiket” has recognized the potential of merging with “” and agreed to the acquisition. Even if until now we were competitive, we think that it is more productive to continue joint cooperation. We promise that from now citizens of the Tuzla region will have access to a larger number of attractive offers”, said the owner of “” Kristijan Smiljanić.

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