Queen of Bled custard in Sarajevo

For over 12 years , Alma Rekić’s delicacies have been winning awards for creativity and for quality, This 32 year old woman, whose origin is from BiH is known as the queen of Bled custard, and she’s also the member of the Slovenian Association of Chefs.

This week, Alma held lectures to BiH chefs as a part of three day workshop which was organised by BiH Association of Chefs.

In Sarajevo she worked with 20 men and women from all over BiH and she’s happy with their work and achieved results.

In Slovenia, where she was born being a confectioner is a very desirable job, as well as being a chef.

She said that she loves BiH cuisine and she loves burek (meat pie), and she’d love to be able to make a good one. She added that she’s tried BiH meat delicacies (sudžukice, ćevapi) and noted that BiH confectionaries are a bit too sweet for her taste.

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