Removal of illegally deposited Waste began in Bosnia

In Bosansko Grahovo, the removal of illegally deposited waste from Italy from the former company “Borac” has begun, said the mayor of Bosansko Grahovo, Uros Duran.

“Trucks of the company ‘Kemeko-BH’ from Lukavac are taking away illegally deposited waste, which was unloaded at the beginning of July last year in the area of ​​the former factory ‘Borac’ in Bosansko Grahovo, and if everything goes according to plan, the work will be completed in the coming days.” stated Duran.

“In the coming days, the trucks will take away the rest of the illegally deposited waste from the area of ​​the former ‘Borac’ factory, as well as the one from the landfill from Korita,” said Duran.

The company “Krom reciklaza” from Drvar imported a total of 294,574 kilograms of textile waste worth 16,125 BAM to BiH at the beginning of July last year.

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