BiH Foreign Minister met with his German Counterpart in Berlin

Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Sigmar Gabriel yesterday in Berlin.

The main topics of this meeting were the continuation of the process of European integrations of BiH and the region, the state of internal politics in BiH before the General Elections with a special emphasis on negotiations on amendments to the Election Law.

It was stated at the beginning of the meeting that the relations between BiH and Germany are good and without any open questions.

Minister Crnadak emphasized the commitment of BiH to further strengthening of regional cooperation within the Berlin Process and West Balkan Six (WB6) as well as the continuation of activities that are aimed at improving political dialogue, regional co-operation and conducting good-neighbourly relations.

Minister Sigmar Gabriel praised the submission of the response of BiH to the Questionnaire of EC. He noted that, in accordance with the new EU Strategy, the entire region has the opportunity to make a progress. He also recalled that Germany supports the European perspective of BiH and it will continue with the support of our reform process and transformation into a democratic state with the rule of law. He thinks that the perspective of BiH for the EU must be real and that therefore both the EU and its member states must be engaged in the process of overcoming obstacles and interests that are slowing down the reform processes.

They also discussed the Election Law of BiH, relations between BiH and NATO, regional cooperation and other current topics in BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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